PRESS RELEASE: Cider Association Rings in New Year with a New Look & Name

After 8 years using the title of United States Association
of Cider Makers, or American Cider Association for short, the cider industry trade group has updated
its brand. On December 31, 2019, the group unveiled its shorter, more direct
name—The American Cider Association. It also released its new logo, created by
graphic designer Randi Karabin of SIP Publishing.

The American Cider Association says the new look and name go hand in hand with new aggressive strategies to grow the cider industry, including achieving legislative and regulatory goals on behalf of the association’s members.

“We’re doing so much more in DC than we were 4 years ago. We’re speaking up for common sense labeling regulations, lobbying for legislation to lower excise taxes, campaigning for the permitted use of harvest dates on cider labels over 7% ABV, pushing for 355ml as an approved volume of fill, supporting transparency on labels regarding state of origin for apples, and more,” executive director, Michelle McGrath detailed.

“Cider is a grassroots industry, but it generates over a
billion dollars in annual sales. We’re ready for the next evolution of our
trade association,” she continued. “Cidermakers will always be our #1 audience,
but Congress is rising in importance. Lobbying with our old name was
challenging. People often found it confusing, and you lost them about halfway
through. It was long! American Cider Association is much more straightforward.”

Last August, the Cider Association’s board members gathered
in DC to support the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act. That
experience illuminated the need to rebrand. With unanimous support from the
board, McGrath engaged diverse stakeholders to instruct the look and name.
“There are quite a few names and logos on the cutting room floor,” McGrath
said. “We embraced the best options for a professional trade association.”

Another goal is for the Cider Association to support more campaigns directed toward consumers and trade. “We will continue utilizing our Pick Cider® brand for those efforts,” she said.

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