Angry Orchard’s New Spritz Rosé Hard Cider Will Become Your Go-To Summer Sip

It’s like a spritz and hard cider in one!

Angry Orchard Cider Company

Angry Orchard

has been fueling our hard-cider obsession for years and years. In 2018, the brand introduced its

rosé hard cider

in time for spring. Now we have a new sip for the summer, with its Spritz Rosé hard cider-style drink.

The canned beverage combines the same apple-forward flavors with bubbles you would get in a

traditional spritz

. The Spritz Rosé is “made from fermenting the juice of rare red-flesh apples,” creating a subtle floral aroma and fizz. Each can has 4% ABV and 110 calories, and is gluten-free.

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“When we set out to create the

recipe for Spritz Rosé

, we wanted to capture the time of year when friends get together outside, relax, and enjoy a meal and each other’s company,” Ryan Burk, head cider maker of Angry Orchard, said in a press release. “In the end, we crafted a new style of rosé cider that is incredibly refreshing, light, and effervescent while still achieving the apple-forward flavor drinkers love about Angry Orchard.”

For the time being, Angry Orchard’s Spritz Rosé is available in New Jersey and Massachusetts, as well as Minneapolis and Philadelphia. You can pick up a six-pack of the 12-ounce Slim Cans for $7.99 to $9.99.

With all the barbecues, parties, and day-drinking fun coming your way in the immediate warm-weather future, we’d say this spritz is a solid choice for summer.

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